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Well a lot has happened in the 8 weeks since I naively unleashed the blob on the world, not knowing that my life would never be the same, beginning the very next morning. 7.1 million views, a bunch of interviews, a crashed uforadar server due to a million+ hits, City of Raleigh's citizens going apeshit, German TV invading the cafe with cameras looking for yours truly.. etc etc etc, yeah its been a hell of a summer!

So the bottom line, hype aside, is what in the hell is the mystery blob and is my water safe? It seems that the bigger news outlets have bought the 'colony of tubificid' explanation that the Raleigh Dept. of Public Works gave to try to put the story to rest, but if you dig deeper its not so clear that they even believe it. My requests to gain access to the pipes under Cameron Village were denied, so a second investigation and trapping of the creature is, for now at least, out of the question. Ed Buchan, environmental coordinator at the Raleigh Public Utilities Department, is quoted as saying staff biologists were taken aback by the blob sacs and were at a loss to explain. He then suggested that it was likely colonial tubifex worms and that was that. North Carolina's News 14 bought it and ran the story with a "solved!" headline, and peace was restored in Gotham. Unfortunately, the case isn't closed at all, and I still believe that we may be seeing smoking gun evidence of intergalactic-sourced egg sacs.

Another scientific body that disagrees with Buchan's tubifex theory is N.C. State University's biology dept, who understandably jumped on the story. Professor Tom Kwak, the poor guy stuck with explaining the blob and an actual unbiased biologist who doesn't work for the city, doesn't think its Tubifex worms at all. I respect his opinion more than the cities, but I disagree with his explanation too.

"I think it's a colony of bryozoans," Kwak said. "They are small animals like a hydra that live together in colonies, and they stick out tentacles to feed. And when they're disturbed, they withdraw into small tubes that they built."

Correct me if I'm wrong, and I'd love to interview Tom about this, but aren't Bryozoans tiny colonial animals that generally build themselves stoney skeletons out of calcium carbonate? Almost like sea coral?

A classic bryozoan:

classic stoney bryozoan

classic stoney bryozoan

Tubifex worms:

A colony of tubifex worms

A colony of tubifex worms

Now if you contrast those with the sewer blob, there are notable discrepencies. A major one being that there isn't a single lone worm on or around any of the three sacs on film. They are a complete cyst with a smooth surface, and the blob recoils and throbs as a single unit, not as a colony of loose worms.

The blob heard 'round the world:

Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer

Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer

So as you can see, the tubifex worm theory just doesn't hold water. Any of us that have been fishing have at some point bought tubifex worms (bass love them by the way), and while they clump together at times it just looks nothing like this. Its understandable why the city of Raleigh would want this to go away, but the international media is still covering this and we absolutely have not explained this one yet.

Enter the alien egg sac theory (pulls another espresso):

First off,  N = N* fp ne fl fi fc fL <------read it and weep. Aliens exist, and the universe is teeming with them. Absolutely teeming.

Second off, they are here and have been for a long time. The proof is all around us, its now a question of getting the US government to come clean with what they have in Wright-Patterson AFB's blue room and beneath Groom Lake (Area 51).

I could go on and on about the ET visitation issue, and uforadar is my soapbox so I have/will, but the bottom line with the North Carolina Blob is that this is the first (possible) smoking gun proof of something rumored about for years; aliens breeding in our planets water, and under our cities. Its no secret that the serious UFO community has galvanized around the idea that the intergalactic-source theory, while true on a long enough timeline, may be outdated and that "the Greys" may be colonized under the North Atlantic Ocean. Ask any of the 1958 crew of the U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt CVA-42 and you'll get an earfull of USO facts. There have been sightings of strange ET phenomena in our sewers for decades (New York and Denver are the most documented), and with this totally unidentified new creature strongly resembling an egg sac, we may have proof. Unfortunately I can't get in there to extract and operate on one of these things, so my hands are temporarily tied. As always, anybody that has an 'in' on this story you can reach me at Lets talk.

More updates to come, the coffee is wearing off.


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