Friendly UFO emitting light beam reported by Russian women

Michael Cohen

A number of residents of the Russian city of Kamnsk-Uralsky have reported seeing a UFO hovering above commercial buildings in the town centre. The UFO was allegedly emitting, from time to time, a beam of light with seemingly unworldly qualities.

Lyubov Tetueva, an IT professional, was walking her dogs at 11pm on September 17, along with two other female acquaintances. She noticed a ‘very visible, dull, grey sphere’ moving in the sky above them as they walked past the city library. The sphere appeared to the witnesses to be about half a metre in diameter. The UFO looked as if it was surveying local buildings, moving from one to another, slowing down and speeding up at times. When the UFO came close to a building it would emit a strong beam of light towards its subject that would completely illuminate a large section and then go right through its walls.
‘If I wasn’t with friends I would have thought I was hallucinating’ noted Lyubov who reported the incident into the ‘Kamensk Newspaper”
Lyubov had difficulty sleeping that night. The next day at work she discovered others had also seen the object in another part of town and all noted the unusual beam of light. Descriptions of the object differed however.

While the UFO could theoretically have been many things, Lyubov likes to believe it was of extraterrestrial origin. UFO sightings and events involving UFOs are common in the area around Kamensk-Uralsky.

This publication recently reported on UFOs emitting beams that injure people, however in this case the object, whatever it was, seemed entirely peaceful in intent.

Source: Kamensk News

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